You Can Learn The Skills For Taking Care Of Indoor Plants

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I have delightful childhood memories of walking into my grandmother’s dining area.  Taking care of indoor plants was her specialty!  The dining area was sunny and bright and in both corners, beautiful, lush ferns hung from floor to ceiling poles. It was a few years down the track before those fond memories inspired me to embark on my own indoor gardening adventures.

Carefully, I chose new plants and brought them home with every intention of growing a thriving, lush and healthy plant.  The trouble was, I really new nothing about taking care of indoor plants!  And I knew even less about the specific plants I had purchased. It wasn’t a good start to indoor gardening for a beginner.

We’ve all had those house plants that just keep hanging on. They’re not dying, but not really thriving either.  That was me. Despite lovingly tending to my plants, trying to give them the right amount of water and putting them in just the right spot, they just weren’t thriving!  Then there was the ones that I brought home and within weeks they were gone!  My hopes for beautiful, flourishing house plants were slowly fading and I began to wonder if I would ever have the skills for taking care of indoor plants so I could have my own garden sanctuary like in my grandmother’s dining area.

Get To Know Your Plants

When I started with house plants, I killed more than I would like to admit, mostly because I lovingly overwatered them. My best tip for every beginning indoor gardener is to invest in a soil moisture meter. They’re not expensive and they really do take the guesswork out of watering your plants, which is probably one of the trickiest things to learn when taking care of indoor plants.

All plants are different in how much water they require and there are many factors that affect each individual plant. The amount of water a plant requires will depend on:

  • the plant’s water requirements
  • the size of the pot
  • the type of pot
  • the type of soil
  • the number of leaves
  • the air temperature
  • the amount of light it receives
  • and the list goes on.

It really is important to get to know your plants individually, observe them and feel the soil. And remember, it is ok to lose a few plants along the way.  Be sure to learn something from the loss and keep going. This was my journey.

Eventually, when I matched the right plant to the right spot and gave it the right care, I felt such a sense of achievement. It really was worth persisting! I had grown and nurtured my own beautiful house plants, and once you have done it once, you can do it again and again. There are so many beautiful and intriguing house plants available, and there’s always room for one more! 

The Help You Need Is Here

Irene McLeish-Hill

This site is dedicated to providing inspiring indoor gardening ideas and helpful advice to get you started with the right plants and the right products for taking care of indoor plants. I want your adventures to be more successful than my early days and I even have recommendations for nearly indestructible house plants!

You’ll find tips for indoor gardening for beginners and some suggestions for indoor gardening that you may not have thought about. Have a look around, see what you can find.  Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to try a new plant – you can do it!  Or if you’re more experienced, step into something new, maybe try hydroculture or terrariums! Taking care of indoor plants is good for the soul, find a plant you love today. 

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