They’re beautiful! And for those of us who love house plants, they just make us feel happy!  But there are numerous studies that outline the benefits of indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins beyond our simple pleasure and enjoyment.  Here are three of the main benefits of house plants.

Improved Air Quality

(Choose peace lily, red-edge dracaena, snake plant, english ivy, dragon tree, pothos, flamingo lily, spider plants.)

  • plants survive because of photosynthesis, they remove CO2 and produce O2, more oxygen means our brains are less fatigued which improves concentration.  Employees have been shown to be more productive and make fewer mistakes and students have been shown to be more attentive and perform better due to the presence of plants in their respective environments. 
  • plants release moisture vapour as a result of photosynthesis, which increases humidity .  The relative humidity in a bedroom can be increased from 20% to 30% by a placing a few spider plants around.  This can help improve respiratory conditions , dry skin, coughs and sore throats. 
  • plant’s leaves are natural filters which is why indoor plants can clean the air and remove toxins, particularly VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  Research by NASA has shown that up to 87% of VOCs can be removed every 24 hours by plants, which is particularly helpful for asthmatics and people who suffer with allergies.  NB: Be sure to avoid plants with pollen and spores if you have allergies. 

Better Mental Health

(Choose a plant you love! Checkout our list of fast growing house plants.)

indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins
  • it is well known that being close to nature generally has a positive impact on people’s mental health and studies have shown that plants have a calming effect on people.  Nurturing a living plant can help to reduce anxiety and lessen the severity of depression or in some cases, a simple cactus that takes less effort, can provide the same positive impact. 
  • research has shown that employees in office environments with plants are generally happier, take less sick days and tend to feel better about their jobs.  Plants lift your mood and can decrease your heart rate and blood pressure.  This is especially good news for people who work from home who can create a less stressful, calming environment by adding a few plants. 

Indoor Edible Plants

(Choose from herbs, vegetables and even aloe vera.)

indoor gardening kits
  • herbs can be grown indoors in the right conditions and provide many health benefits.  For example, mint and basil can help aid digestion and reduce feelings of bloatedness after a meal.
  • vegetables and herbs can be grown year round indoors using bench top indoor gardening kits or smart gardens that create the ideal growing environment.  Check out our favourites here.
  • aloe vera is a wonderful plant to have in the home to relieve sunburn and other minor burns as well as some skin conditions. 

Fast growing house plants provide lots of air-filtering leaves so you and your family can start breathing cleaner air quicker. But it’s not just because of their air purifying abilities that we love house plants, it’s also the reduction in stress levels, the satisfaction of caring for a living thing and the beauty and style they add to your home. Indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins are of great benefit to your home, why not invest in some fast growing house plants for yourself today?