It’s a common saying, “reach for the stars”, and stromanthe triostar care can make it seem like you are doing just that. This gorgeous variegated houseplant can be finicky and needy, but with the right care it will flourish. Read on for tips and tricks for stromanthe triostar care.

Known in Latin as the stromanthe sanguinea triostar, the stromanthe triostar plant is native to the jungles of Brazil. It is a relative of the calathea plant, and is often confused with its cousins calathea sanginea and calathea triostar. Other names for stromanthe triostar are “magenta triostar”, due to its often purple or pink colored underside, and “stromante tricolor”, due to its variety of colors in one plant. The stromanthe triostar is a member of the prayer plant family, which means its leaves fold together at night, and look like a pair of praying hands. Scientists speculate that this trait helps preserve precious raindrops in the jungle.

Stromanthe triostar is a very striking plant. Its colorful leaves look like they have been painted with vivid pastel stripes of pale green, cream, and pink. The undersides of the leaves are a deep pink, maroon, or magenta. Stromanthe triostar is unique because no two plants or even leaves are alike, and the patterns vary from leaf to leaf and plant to plant.

In prime conditions, this plant can grow very quickly and reach up to 2 feet high. It has a very interesting habit of constantly moving towards the light, as if it were reaching for the stars as the light fades around it. 

Now that we know a little about the plant, let’s talk about stromanthe triostar care. Below you will find some information about how to care for your plant and keep it looking its best.


The stromanthe triostar plant likes bright, indirect light. Be careful to avoid harsh sunlight, as it can burn the leaves. An east-facing window with gentle morning light is ideal. Dust the leaves periodically with a damp cloth to ensure that they are soaking up as much light as possible. When doing this, support the leaf from the bottom by resting it on your hand. Turn the plant once a week for even growth, as it will constantly reach for the light.


Stromanthe triostar likes evenly moist, but never soggy, soil. Water once a week, and more often if its environment is very warm. Check to see if your plant needs water by inserting your finger into the soil, and if the top inch is dry it is time to water. Mist your plant between waterings to increase the humidity. For best results, use rainwater or distilled water, always at room temperature.


Keep your plant in an environment that is between 65° and 80° F (18-27° C).


Stromanthe triostar care is easy if you remember that it likes higher humidity, since it comes from the tropics. If your home isn’t very humid there are ways to help your plant. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity in a room. Place pebbles in a tray and pour water into the tray until it comes about halfway up the pebbles. Place your plant on top of the pebbles, making sure that it doesn’t come in contact with the water. Another way to increase humidity is to group humidity-loving plants together to create a tropical microclimate.

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Fertilize once a month in the spring and summer when the plant is actively growing. Use an organic fertilizer, or a regular fertilizer diluted to half strength to avoid burning the roots. 


It’s normal for a few leaves of a thriving stromanthe triostar plant to dry up or decline. Fortunately, this plant is hardy and can handle normal removal of leaves. Remove damaged or ugly leaves from the base of the plant with a clean knife or shears. Never remove more than 30% of the leaves at a time. If a small portion of the edge of a leaf becomes discolored, trim it off following the shape of the leaf.


Repot only every few years if you see that the roots are outgrowing the pot, or to refresh the soil and provide it with new nutrients. If you want your plant to grow larger, you can size up your pot. Find a new pot that is about two inches larger than your current pot. Make sure your pot is not too deep or it will encourage stagnant lower regions. It’s very important to make sure your pot has proper drainage holes so water doesn’t sit around and damage the roots. Repot in the early spring before there is any new growth.


The proper soil helps with stromanthe triostar care. Use a light, peat-based soil, or mix regular potting soil with perlite. 


The stromanthe triostar plant is non-toxic to humans, cats, and dogs.

Common problems in Stromanthe Triostar Care

Successful stromanthe triostar care requires watching out for these problems:

  • Yellow or pale leaves
    Caused by overwatering or insufficient light. If the soil is drenched or waterlogged hold off watering until it has dried out a bit. If insufficient light is the problem, move your plant into better light. 
  • Yellowing, browning, or crispy edges
    Usually caused by underwatering. Place the plant in a sink and give it a good watering. Allow the water to drain completely before returning the plant to its usual spot.
  • Withered/brown leaves
    The air is probably too dry. Mist the plant, and make sure it’s not near a heater or air conditioner.
  • No new growth
    Consider adjusting one of the plant’s elements, whether it is too small of a pot, not enough light, etc. Fertilize the plant in the spring and summer to encourage new growth.
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Stromanthe Triostar Care Do’s and Don’ts


  • Place in indirect light
  • Keep the soil lightly moist
  • Mist the plant regularly
  • Prune off discolored or dead leaves


  • Let the soil dry out too much
  • Allow the plant to sit in water 
  • Place in strong sunlight
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Whether you know it as stromanthe triostar or stromanthe tricolor, or by the name of its cousins calathea sanginea or calathea triostar, you won’t be disappointed with this gorgeous plant. With its leaves constantly reaching for the light, the stromanthe triostar will remind you to reach for the stars in your everyday life, and its beautiful array of colors will brighten up any space. With these tips for stromanthe triostar care, your plant will flourish and bring a touch of light and color into your home.