Cast Iron Plant Care (Aspidistra)

cast iron plant care - Aspidistra

As the name suggests, cast iron plant care is minimal. This is a truly hardy, evergreen plant that is nearly indestructible. It will grow equally well in bright, indirect light or in low light conditions, just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight or the leaves will get burnt. The leaves are quite elongated and in addition to the dark green leaf, variegated cast iron plants can have either spotty or striped leaves. You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep this plant alive!

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How To Care For Different Spider Plant Varieties

spider plant varieties

Although there are a number of spider plant varieties available, they all require similar conditions to encourage optimal growth. Spider plants look fabulous in hanging baskets or positioned on a shelf where their thin, arching leaves have plenty of space to grow. The different spider plant varieties offer differences in leaf colour and size, but they will all produce the characteristic, cascading spider plant ‘babies’ that they are so well-known for.

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Peace Lily Plant (Spathiphyllum) Care

peace lily - Spathiphyllum care

The peace lily plant is a favourite of indoor gardeners! The beautiful, glossy, dark green leaves are excellent air purifiers and create a show of superb foliage. With clumping, bushy growth the peace lily will reach about 16″ (40cm) to 18″ (45cm) in height and width. Bright, white flowers provide a striking contrast against the dark foliage and it’s a lovely plant to bring the outdoors inside.

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