Chinese money plant care is remarkably easy due to its versatility. It can be grown indoors with moderate lighting and very little extra effort. Its uncommon appearance makes it a popular indoor plant for both novice and experienced gardeners. The coin-size green leaves and long green stems make it a beautiful table-top or windowsill plant. On top of that, Chinese money plant propagation is easy and allows indoor gardeners to share the plant with others.

Chinese Money Plant
Chinese money plant care

Chinese money plant leaves are about the size of a coin, and they are a shiny green color with a thick texture. Each stem has only one leaf, but the plant can have numerous stems coming out of its base. This gives the plant a look that differs from most other houseplants.

When fully mature, the money plant can reach 12” tall and 12” wide. That being the case, it will need enough space to grow. The plant’s pancake-esque leaves give it a unique size and shape. The stems are typically a little long and spring from the center.

When Chinese money plant care is done especially well, it can produce small white flowers on pretty pink stems. Though it is a durable plant overall, it is a little tough to keep it in the right conditions for flowering. In order to produce flowers, the plant will need the correct amount of light, water, and humidity. LED grow lights can be helpful to encourage flowering.

Care Instructions For A Chinese Money Plant

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Chinese money plants require moderate sunlight. If they are left in direct sunlight for too long, they will start to dry out. The leaves will begin to wither and turn brown before falling off. Ideally, the plant should get indirect sunlight for a few hours day. 


Part of what makes Chinese money plant care so easy is the amount of watering required. This plant only needs to be watered when the soil has started to dry out. If you see that the leaves are starting to droop or turn brown on the edges, start watering it a little more frequently. Do not over-water this plant.

Proper watering is a key part of Chinese money plant care. When the soil starts to dry out, bring it to the sink to water it. Gently pour water into the soil until water starts to run out of the holes in the pot. Once the water has started exiting the pot, it has been thoroughly watered. Keeping this plant in a cache pot is a good idea as it allow you to drain any excess water away so the soil doesn’t get waterlogged. 

Temperature and Humidity

Though these plants can survive in somewhat dry conditions, the best Chinese money plant care includes keeping them in a humid environment. If the room where it stays is typically very dry, you may need to get a small humidifier for that room.


From April through September, it’s a good idea to treat your plant with an all-purpose plant fertilizer each month. Alternately, you could use a water-based fertilizer and dilute it a little bit. This will help ensure that it stays healthy and grows to its full potential.

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For quality Chinese money plant care, and the best chance of growing a healthy mature plant, don’t fertilize it more than once per month. If you start to notice a white powder building up on the leaves or on the outside of the pot, it is being over-fertilized. Hold off on fertilizing it again until the powder goes away, then begin the process again more infrequently. 


Unless the leaves are turning brown or dying, this plant does not need to be pruned.

Planting Guide For A Chinese Money Plant


Chinese money plants require well-draining soil so that their roots do not start to rot. Ideally, use a soil that has peat moss as the base. Also, ensure that the pot has holes in the bottom so that any excess water can drain out of the soil. If the plant is left to sit in water-logged soil, it can get root-rot and die.

Depending on where you purchased your houseplant, it may need to be repotted into better soil. Most reputable establishments are adept at Chinese money plant care and will already have it in quality soil. If you got it somewhere cheap though, they might not have planted it well. If you got it from a friend’s clippings, then you are in a great spot to start raising the plant from scratch in the right soil.

How to Propagate Money Plant 

Chinese money plant care and growth are especially fun because propagation is so easy. Though the plants can be difficult to find in store, friends regularly pass them around. If you have a friend with a Chinese money plant, you’re in luck! Once you have started to grow your own and it reaches a certain level of maturity, you can also share the plant with your friends. 

Once you learn how to propagate money plant babies, it’s easy to continue. Money plant propagation, also known as Pilea peperomioides propagation, can happen in a couple of ways, and they’re both easy. Chinese money plants are known for producing small offshoots which can be separated from the primary plant and moved to a new pot. 

If a new plant is popping up through the soil next to the primary plant, use a sharp knife to separate the plants from one another approximately 1” below the soil line. Plant the baby in its own pot with well-draining soil and keep it moist until its roots start to take hold and new leaves start to emerge.

If a new plant has started to grow out of the primary plant’s stem, separate it from the primary plant. Then place the new plant in water until it starts to produce roots. Once it has roots, plant it the same way that you would if it popped out of the soil.

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Common Chinese Money Plant Problems

Primarily, problems come from improper Chinese money plant care. The two primary problems are over-watering and too much direct sunlight. Learn how to water indoor plants the right way and be sure not to over-water the plant. If the leaves start to look brown or start to feel crispy, move it to an area with lower light. 


Chinese money plant is non-toxic to household pets. 


Summary of Chinese money plant care


    • Keep it in moderate sunlight
    • Fertilize it monthly during spring and summer
    • Share it with your friends


    • Let it get too much sunlight
    • Over-water it
    • Let it dry out

Interesting Pilea peperomioides Facts

Though it originated in Asia, the ease of Chinese money plant propagation has allowed it to spread throughout the world. It is especially popular in some parts of Europe. Even though it can be difficult to find in stores, many indoor garners are still able to find it by getting clippings from friends. 


Chinese money plant care is very easy and makes it a great addition to an indoor garden. It is easy to grow and adds a unique charm to any room. If it is given the right amount of light, water, and humidity, it can live for years and even produce small flowers. Learning how to propagate money plant is surprisingly easy and will allow you to share the plant with your friends.