The Juhefa Gooseneck Dual Head LED Grow Lights incorporate a range of ingenious, efficient features that make them a truly versatile light for your house plants. Using red, blue and natural light, this two-headed lamp can provide for the needs of various types of indoor plants, delivering a customized glow that works for both decorative and edible houseplants.

It’s true – there’s an overwhelming number of LED grow lights for indoor plants. And you might be confused which one to get for your space. Read on for a comprehensive review of the Juhefa Gooseneck Dual Head LED Plant Light to help you decide whether it’s a fit for your home and more importantly your house plants.

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An In-Depth Look at the Juhefa LED Grow Lights

Juhefa LED Grow Lights

At a glance, the Juhefa LED Plant Light sets itself apart with its sleek, black appearance that makes it look like any contemporary desk light. The design uses bell-shaped lamp heads that produce a directed glow of various light hues to match the needs of the plants under your care. These include yellow, red, and blue wavelengths, which can be mixed to produce a variety of light combinations.

Controlling the lamp can be performed through the convenient control panel that connects to the power cable. This sleek and discreet attachment features buttons that set the light’s timer, brightness, and light modes. The intuitive timer function can be particularly helpful, turning your lights on for 3, 6, or 12 hours depending on your preference. After the time period, the lights turn off and then power back on at exactly the same time the next day.

Perfect for small indoor gardens, the Juhefa LED grow light’s directed lamps target smaller surface areas, making it a better choice for users with smaller indoor gardens. Nonetheless, it does let you adapt the coverage area by way of its adjustable goose necks that can flex and bend any way you want them to. The easy clip base also makes it particularly effortless to move your lamp around if you find the need to reposition the entire device.

Sleek and efficient, there’s definitely a lot to gain out of using the Juhefa LED Plant Light for your indoor plants. It’s worth knowing however, that the lamp doesn’t let you replace the bulbs after they’ve burnt out. So you may have to repurchase the lamp all together when one or both of the heads gives way. Another thing to note is that the timer might be a few minutes off. That said, your light might not turn on or off at precisely the time you were expecting.

With its contemporary design, the Juhefa LED Grow Lights are an attractive addition to your indoor garden’s space. But more than that, this versatile lighting solution provides different light hues to adapt your environment to the unique needs of your  various house plants.

Key Features:

  • Wavelength: Red – 620-660 nm; Blue – 460-470nm; Warm – 380-800nm
  • Wattage: 75W
  • Brightness levels: 5
  • Timer schedules: 3, 6, 12 hours
  • Attachment: Clip
  • Lighting Modes: Single, or dual


  • Sleek design blends seamlessly with most interiors while lending stylish contemporary appeal
  • Simplified operation lets you work the lamp straight out of the box with its intuitive, obvious control system
  • Timer function turns your lights on and off for automatic daily operation
  • Three different light hues provide your plants with a variety of lighting options to meet their needs at their specific phase of growth
  • Lightweight build allows effortless installation and goose neck adjustment


  • Bulbs are not replaceable
  • Timer may be off by a few minutes

The Verdict

The Juhefa LED Plant Light isn’t without a couple of minor limitations. But when you weigh its performance, it’s easy to see that its minor flaws might be a small price to pay for the lamp’s efficient and reliable functioning. 

So, is the Juhefa LED Plant Light a good investment for you? That depends on what you need. If you’re caring for a small collection of indoor garden plants that have varying lighting needs, the Juhefa can adapt its two heads to meet the separate requirements of different plants at the same time. With the LED grow lights adaptable light settings and dimmable brightness you can fine-tune the environment in your home to provide your house plants with the best alternative to natural sunlight.